The Art of Selling for Non-Sales Professionals

Revenue is the lifeblood of small business. Many entrepreneurs are not trained as sales professionals and are uncomfortable with selling. This class will uncover your authentic selling style that is natural for you and comfortable for others.

The Sisterhood of Happiness

The Sisterhood is a community of business women who meet monthly to learn and apply proven practices to have happier lives. A unique format accelerates the relationship process providing connections with other women.  Learn more about The Sisterhood of Happiness.

– Victoria Trafton

The Art of Selling for Non-Sales Professionals

As a longtime fan and student of Victoria’s sales and referral services, I am pleased to see her address the topic of selling yourself.  We rely on the ability to sell ourselves – our experience and our expertise.  Victoria has helped me gain a clearer understanding of my unique strengths which has made it easier for me to find more profitable sales opportunities.  We all can use the motivation and focus her services provide.Jim Vaccaro

Jim Vacarro
Sunbelt Business Brokers of Phoenix, PLLC, MBA

The Art of Referral Generation

What is the secret to generating high quality referrals?

  • Network in the right way in the right places.
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with the right people.
  • Train your referral sources to generate quality referrals for you.

The secret sauce however is finding, developing, nurturing and leveraging a handful of referral partnerships.

When you have those key relationships in place you can sell by referral. When you get to that stage you minimize objections, shorten the sales cycle and attract your ideal clients.

Selling …for Non-Sales Professionals

“Before working with Victoria, I was overwhelmed with a key business development initiative for our firm.  Victoria has helped me take the vision of my initiative from just an idea to tangible and compelling deliverables.  She helped me see how to present our unique value through marketing presentations and get more qualified prospects. The results are clearly defined and measurable processes that continue to keep me on track for success, while maintaining a critical work/life balance.”David Curry

David G. Curry, CFP®
Managing Partner,
Atlanta Capital Group