The Art of Selling for Non-Sales Professionals

Entrepreneurs know sales is essential to their success. Yet many have some fear or even distaste when it comes to selling.

This 1-1 advisory and coaching service offers a new refreshing approach to sales that is perfect for non-sales professionals. Participants take an online assessment that will identify their strengths and challenges for sales. The training will expand on the report, giving each participant a selling style that feels authentic …so you are comfortable and never sound “salesy”. You will learn a customizable process to stay on top of your sales pipeline and revenue goals.

This training shows you a new way to sell, leveraging proven principles of influence and persuasion. You can finally stop selling and start relating.  Your results will dramatically improve.

What you learn:

  • Your unique sales challenges and how to overcome them.
  • A simple sales process that fits your style.
  • How to establish trust and rapport that goes beyond the sale and generates referrals.
  • How to make your value proposition relevant to prospects.
  • Key skills to convert prospects to clients.
  • How to turn a “no” into a referral.

When you finish this training you will have:

  • your own sales process for engaging a prospect all the way through to converting them to a client
  • an easy sales pipeline management method and metrics that will keep you on track with monthly revenue goal
  • specific strategies to overcome your unique challenges in sales.

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Generating Quality Referrals

This 1-1 advisory and coaching service helps professionals who are non-sales people who must do high trust sales to build their practice. Working one on one with Victoria you get a custom plan and coaching on how to execute your plan:
A series of calls for 90 – 120 days assures you:

  • Identify the right networking organizations for you
  • A custom networking plan of right actions to build a positive reputation within those networking groups and “prime the pump” for referrals
  • Evaluation of your social capital to leverage existing relationships in the short term
  • Live interviews with referral sources to identify good referral partnerships
  • Interview questions to qualify good referral sources as potential referral partners
  • Coaching for you and your partner to enable you to generate high quality referrals for each other
  • Coaching for you and your partner on how to setup and execute good referrals
  • Design of referral events and live coaching to leverage those events with a partner to generate more referrals.

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After starting my own business, I learned that many talented business professionals don’t like to sell. They especially don’t like to sell themselves. But, if your knowledge and experience are part of your value proposition, you have to sell yourself… no one else can do an adequate job of representing all you know.

Sales Coaching …for Non-Sales Professionals

Are you a knowledge professional who is passionate about the value you deliver to your clients? Chances are you are not a professional sales person, nor do you want to become one, so traditional sales training and books are not for you.

Victoria works as a virtual sales coach with individuals and top performers in small companies. She establishes a foundation of knowledge that translates to business building actions. The foundation includes:

  • Your unique sales challenges and prescribe behaviors to overcome the challenge without changing your natural style.
  • Your unique value proposition and marketing messages that set you apart from the competition.
  • A profile of your ideal prospects and how to sell to them (pricing, timing, and language to use to get a buying decision).
  • A networking strategy and actions necessary to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

 Victoria Trafton works with our top producers to get them to the next level in sales. Her sales coaching is unique and powerful for each individual. She works with their individual style to help them fill their pipeline and meet their goals. I get feedback on how much everyone likes working with Victoria …and gets tremendous value. They get what they need; they’re getting more referrals and meeting their sales goals, and I feel like I have a partner in coaching them to success …for themselves and the firm.”
–Gary Whitehurst
Vice President of Sales
GV Financial Advisors, Atlanta, GA

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Influence With Style

People judge each other in seconds without ever speaking…it’s human behavior. It is likely 15% of the people you meet won’t like you! As many as 40% aren’t naturally comfortable with you! Learn how to recognize all four behavioral styles and adapt to each of them to replace negative judgments with trust and liking. In the Influence With Style class you will learn:

  • How you are perceived by others
  • Your own strengths that set you apart from your competitors
  • How to effectively communicate with other styles
  • How to get others to make a buying decision.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

After taking the Influence With Style class, I was able to immediately apply the new information I had learned to close a $75K contract.  Before the class, I likely would have tried to close this potential new customer quickly.  After learning how to identify his behavioral style, I knew I had to present him with all the information he wanted and then wait on him to make his own decision.  I got the call after two weeks to pick up the signed contract.  We ultimately won this opportunity because we were “not as pushy as the competing vendors”.  Without this training, I would have acted just like the other “pushy vendors” and probably lost the deal. I highly recommend this class to business professionals who want to get more business by learning how to treat others the way they want to be treated throughout your sales process.”

– Darren Patoni,

The secret to sales is learning how to read your customers! The Influence With Style class gives you a blueprint for reading prospects and customers alike. When you know what a person is really like you can build a relationship that turn into business. I learned there is at least one of the four behavioral styles that isn’t comfortable with my style. That eliminates about 20% of the people I meet from doing business with me … unless I adapt my style. Taking the behavioral class taught me how to relate better to those people by adapting my style. I am now able to get more business and create a better service experience for all my customers. I recommend it for anyone who brings in sales or handles customers.”

– Kevin Costello, President, Prime Source, LLC

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