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I was one of the fortunate women who participated in the inaugural Jane Ad. Speakingbook series for The Sisterhood of Happiness.  We started the series as a group of women who didn’t know each other;  but who had been drawn by curiosity, by a desire to find something “more” in their lives, and by the opportunity to grow in a positive direction.  We ended the series as a group of lifelong friends who support each other and laugh with each other in a way I could never have imagined.

Joining this group has been a gift to myself.  It challenged me to think differently about life choices and to appreciate my own ability to affect things both big and small. Most of all, it brought me into a community of like minded women who’ve made such a positive difference  in my life!

Jane Adamson

Sherpa Advisory
Execution Guidance for Exceptional Companies
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Generally I am a happy person but going through a career change in my life made me scared and stressed.  I had attended a seminar in which Victoria Trafton spoke to the group.  She spoke about gratitude and a gratitude journal.  I followed her suggestion of creating a journal writing down three things each day that I was grateful for.  Before long, my confidence grew, my happiness returned and positive things began to happen.  Then Victoria invited me to join The Happiness Sisterhood.  I thought yes, I am grateful and I am happy but am I “happy, happy, joy, joy” person?  Sometimes happy people can come across fake.  I joined the Sisterhood found the message to be; When you look at things in a positive manner instead of in the negative, happiness will follow.  Sure I still curse at the drivers and the traffic, (that is the Irish in me) but I always laugh at myself afterwards!

MaryLynne Christman

Be-Hip Marketing

The most popular class at Harvard is Positive Psychology and for good reason!  Too many times our true happiness gets lost along the way.  We measure our lives in money, in society’s idea of success and we forget the most powerful indicator that our live is on course is how our life feels.  And who would not want to feel happy?  I loved the focus on the positive we achieved by our interactions.  And I am looking forward to our future encounters.  Very timely Victoria, thank you!  And thank you to my sisters of happiness who were willing to share their journeys to help us all!

Diana Elarde

They say misery loves company but I say there’s nothing better than being in the company of happy, amazing, professional, fun and friendly women.  I am so thrilled, proud and HAPPY to be a member of the Happiness Sisterhood (and if there’s a lifetime membership, I’ll take that one!).  Thank you, Victoria!

Tina Clemmons, Owner

Denovo Scan

Well, I admit I was a skeptic to start out–I mean, give me a break, coming together to talk about happiness???  But this has been the start of what I anticipate to be an incredible journey of self-discovery and “other” discovery.  What a great journey to be on, and with so many other wonderful women.  Thanks to Victoria for being our expedition leader!

Ann Ewen, Ph.D.

Vistage International Chair

How insightful Victoria has been to bring together these wonderful Cindy Caldwellwomen to discuss happiness.  It has been a joy to get to know those who I have met, and I look forward to continuing opportunities in the Sisterhood.  Thank you Victoria for stepping out and bringing this subject to the forefront.

Cindy Caldwell, Elegant Inner Guidance
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To be able to come together with like-minded women for important conversations about happiness, gratitude, vulnerability and the big J word, joy means so much to me.  Thank you Victoria for conceiving of this community and providing the structure for these empowering experiences.

Thank you!

Katharine Halpin

Halpin Company

The Sisterhood of Happiness spoke to me from the first time I heard Ruth Urbanabout it. Imagine being around a group of positive thinking women on a regular basis – powerful stuff, I thought! My thoughts were confirmed after attending a meeting. Victoria has a knack for putting together groups of women, capable of sharing and bonding quickly. I’m looking forward to being part of this exciting venture, and know that it will enrich my life.

Ruth Urban

On the Money, LLC

Press Release: “The energy was palpable in the room. Clearly this is an idea whose time has come and women all over the valley will be served by participating”.


In each life there are seminal moments that occur to mark important occasions or opportunities. For me, one of those occurred when I joined Victoria Trafton and several like-minded women this summer to review and embrace a conversation around a book “The Happiness Advantage”. The book itself was resounding proof of the principle of positivity and happiness. The dialog provided by those who attended, moderated by Victoria, provided an experience that I will not only remember, but will cherish for the rest of my life. I grew.

Victoria and her invitation to share myself with this group allowed my growth in ways that I thought not possible at this point in my life. I look forward to the association that she will provide in her new “Sisterhood Happiness” endeavor. I will be there…. And I will grow some more.

Tammy Willis

Founder + Principal  willis + willis interior design, llc

In this environment, rich in experience, wisdom, and compassion, I found the honesty and nurturing I needed to make a commitment to my growth at a level that I had yearned for but was unable to achieve on my own.

Denise deLorean


Victoria asked each of us to share what our initial impression was of one another.. the very first time we met.

Each and everyone of us had a dramatically different perception of ourselves from the impression others had of us.  I allowed myself to begin seeing myself through their eyes, if only for very brief moments at a time, and life-long patterns of perception began to change.

It’s one thing to discover things about yourself, on your own.  But to discover things about yourself in the presence of other powerful women that support you in seeing and being the person you truly are has beenlife altering for me.

Denise deLorean  A Silver Lining, LLC


I loved having the opportunity to meet with other professional Corporate and Commercial Photographer for Worldwide Assignmentsbusiness women.

All the support, encouragement and insight that everyone was so willing to share whether it was about their business or on a more personal level was wonderful!

The book we read through really gave me some wonderful insights on the power happiness plays, not only in our personal lives but also in our work environment.

Every time I picked up the book I always noticed a shift in my attitude.

Cynthia Diehl

Image in Marketing, Image in Marketing

I have always struggled to find like-minded women who feel comfortable being open and honest with their personal journey and quest for happiness.   Thank you Victoria for creating this wonderful forum.   I have so enjoyed the meetings and learning about what happiness means to others and myself.   I look forward to what the future brings with The Happiness Sisterhood and being a part of it!

Amy Gavartin, Director, Melville Capital

For a very long time I put the happiness of others before my own. Caren CantrellThat’s how I was taught; to be the giver, the nurturer, the reconciler, the peacemaker, the party thrower. And sometimes that made me happy too, but not always. The Happiness Sisterhood has helped me internalize that not only is my own happiness important but it’s critical to my overall mental and physical health and business success! Thanks, Victoria for introducing me to a different perspective and to a wonderful group of women with whom to share my happiness journey!

Caren L Cantrell

102nd Place LLC


…for other offerings

I always have Aha moments during my 1-1 Advisory Sessions with Victoria.

Before working with Victoria, I was overwhelmed with a key business development initiative for our firm.  Victoria has helped me take the vision of my initiative from just an idea to tangible and compelling deliverables.  She helped me see how to present our unique value through marketing presentations and get more qualified prospects. The results are clearly defined and measurable processes that continue to keep me on track for success, while maintaining a critical work/life balance.”

David G. Curry, CFP®
Managing Partner,
Atlanta Capital Group

As a longtime fan and student of Victoria’s sales and referral services, I Jim Vaccaroam pleased to see her address the topic of selling yourself.  We rely on the ability to sell ourselves – our experience and our expertise.  Victoria has helped me gain a clearer understanding of my unique strengths which has made it easier for me to find more profitable sales opportunities.  We all can use the motivation and focus her services provide.

Jim Vaccaro, PLLC, MBA
Sunbelt Business Brokers of Phoenix

Before attending Victoria’s How to Promote Your Unique Value workshop, I struggled to network effectively …because saying ‘I’m a CPA’ instantly put me into a box in people’s head that didn’t accurately reflect my business model.  Now I have the perfect language to express the unique value that I provide to my clients.

Denise Maxwell, Max Solutions

With a Masters degree in Communications and Cognitive Psychology, I’ve had a lot of training in the area of communication. Victoria’s Influence With Style class was much richer than I expected.  This class has helped me immensely in providing witness preparation services for my clients and in working with attorneys. 
Victoria is a deep expert on the topic of Behavioral style and keeps the learning fun and lively. The most beneficial aspect was seeing other people’s reaction to different styles and understanding how I am perceived by others. Making others comfortable is a key to effective communications and to the critical component of building trust.  
I am now actively applying what I learned …to be able to get others past their unconscious judgments so we can work together at the most productive level.

Deborah Johnson, 
Trial Consultant
, High-Stakes Communication

The training I took from Victoria enabled me to line up my best referral partners and grow my business in spite of a tough economy. Based on the coaching and training I received, I realized my past partners were not ideal for my business. I was able to specifically define who I wanted to work with as referral partners and how to maximize the number of referrals I get from every referral relationship. As a result, our revenue was up 45% in 2009 … while the rest of the mortgage industry was upside down.

I recommend Victoria’s programs for anyone who is serious about growing their business by referral and having systems in place to maximize referrals. When you can minimize prospecting time and get more referrals, you have more time to provide outstanding service to your clients and truly be best in your field.”

Peter Bartolini
, The AMT Group at PrimeLending

Before joining Victoria’s program and community, we spent our marketing dollars on traditional methods that produced little or no return. This program has been the most effective use of our marketing efforts … to identify and connect with our ideal target market. I am hitting my sales goals much faster, often by the middle of the month, working by referral. 
Victoria Trafton is an absolute “Master” of Referral Marketing.   She helps her clients focus on the fundamentals … through education, training and practice. So they can flawlessly execute their own most effective referral marketing program.


Darren Patoni, President
, The Information Technology Workshop

Victoria Trafton’s training is a huge value and benefit for our asba members. Victoria worked with us to create a custom new member workshop which not only teaches members how to build their referral network, but it also reinforces the value of membership within our organization – a true win-win for us and our members!  Her workshop consistently is one of our most-attended programs each month.  Victoria is a true pleasure to work with – the utmost professional.”

Kristen Wilson
 Vice President, Member Services
, Arizona Small Business Association

The Promote Your Unique Value class helped me get clear on my passion for helping women business owners achieve success.  Before this class, I helped companies of all sizes significantly increase revenues.  My experience in sales helped them create effective sales process and grow revenues.

After the class, I recognized my passion and greater strengths are helping women owners of small businesses to achieve extraordinary growth by providing education, inspiration, and empowerment.  I now have a more effective story to tell, that attracts my ideal clients. I realized over $30,000 in sales in less than 90 days. I love having clarity on the value I offer to women in business.”

– Cynthia Wrasman, Chief Inspiration Officer, Women Winning Worldwide

The secret to sales is learning how to read your customers! The Influence With Style class gives you a blueprint for reading prospects and customers alike. When you know what a person is really like you can build relationships that turn into business. I learned there is at least one of the four behavioral styles that isn’t comfortable with my style. That eliminates about 20% of the people I meet from doing business with me …unless I adapt my style. Taking the behavioral style class taught me how to relate better to those people by adapting my style. I am now able to get more business and create a better service experience for all of my customers. I recommend it for anyone who brings in sales or handles customers.

– Kevin Costello, President, Prime