Victoria Trafton

Referral Strategist

Victoria helps business professionals package and market themselves and find their ideal clients. She has a specialty in referral marketing and speaks nationally on the topic. The focus with clients is defining their compelling value proposition, determining who wants their value and developing a networking strategy that helps them get in front of their ideal prospects.

Helping professionals effectively self-market, assures they will get maximum return from their networking activities.

Victoria believes deeply in the power of networking …and people helping each other achieve success. She founded The Sisterhood of Happiness to provide businesswomen with a community of learning and support. Using recent scientific research, she helps members discover how happiness is a proven path to success. The Sisterhood Community is committed to changing the world by experiencing more personal happiness.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Victoria enjoyed a long career in Silicon Valley where she held Vice Presidential positions in Marketing, Sales and Business Development. She finds the world of small business exciting and very rewarding. When collaboration and cooperation replace competition, small business owners can make a huge contribution and enjoy success at any level.