It’s Time for a New Approach to Referral Marketing

Referrals Don’t Work the Same for All Businesses. R3 can help if you are:

  • Frustrated with your current marketing efforts, especially networking. You’re spending too much time and not getting results.

  • Disappointed with the referrals that you receive. You’re often doing work that you don’t want to do for people who don’t want to pay what you’re worth.

The R3 formula transforms occasional referrals into a steady stream that produces a consistent source of higher profit revenue.

Referral Roller Coaster

Get Off the Referral Roller Coaster!

If you’ve been in business for a while and have a network but are not getting enough of the right referrals, then you might have fallen into the relationship to referral gap. A thriving referral-based business is created in three stages:

  • R1 = Referrals Provide 20 to 30% of Total Revenue

  • R2 = Referrals Provide 30 to 60% of Total Revenue

  • R3 = Referrals Provide 60 to 80% of Total Revenue


Coaching with Victoria Trafton taught me how to identify, find, and train my ideal referral partners. I learned how to interact with people in a way that makes them comfortable and establishes trust. I am able to practice and develop new skills based on learned concepts. The Community also created a pool of resources which benefit me as well as my entire network of relationships. Finally, I was able to forge new, powerful referral relationships with people committed to becoming referral masters.”

Dieter Bollmann, VP Investments
First Financial Equity Corporation

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Meet Victoria Trafton

Referral Strategist

Victoria Trafton's R3 Referral Marketing Programs

You don’t need to invest your time in classes or endless hours of networking to build a thriving referral business. Victoria works with you 1-1 to develop a custom plan to create more referrals through your existing network.

  • Your custom plan lays out how to do the right things with the right people in the right way.

  • Victoria will identify your ideal referral partner who can bring you 30 – 40% of your business or more in the next year.

  • Implementation calls assure you know how to execute the plan and transform your relationships into quality referrals in 90 days.

  • You will learn a new way to network for referrals that feels comfortable and creates results.

R3 Programs Turn Relationships into Referrals

Relationships, Referrals, Revenue (R3) is a formula created to turn relationships into referrals that create a steady stream of business revenue. The R3 Programs are designed for professionals who are experts in their field (consultants, advisors and coaches) and who depend on referrals to get new clients.

You know that you need to network but are tired of investing your time and not getting high quality referrals in return. The R3 Programs teach you how to leverage your hard work and finally see a return on your investment.

R1: Referral Ramp Up

Want a million-dollar network? This plan tells you exactly how to develop an elite network that will increase your referral revenue 25 to 50% in 9 to 12 months.

R2: Referral Implementation

Find the hidden gold in your network and identify what’s missing to build a rock star referral team that will double your revenue in a year.

R3: Referral Maximizer

Build a referral partnership to work half as much for twice the results. With the right partner, you can double your revenue in a year while delivering more value and working less.

Let’s Talk!

Schedule a free 20 minute 1:1 session with a Referral Strategist to:

  • Assess your current networking groups for effectiveness.
  • Uncover your main obstacle in getting quality referrals.
  • Determine the best referral source for your business.
  • Identify the #1 action you need to take to get more referrals in the next 30 days.

If you have a network, you will leave this session energized and optimistic, knowing who the right people are to grow your biz by referral. Book your call today and start the referrals flowing to you.

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