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Victoria is a sought after trainer, speaker, mentor, facilitator, and business consultant. Her delivery is dynamic, entertaining, energetic, and above all…effective. Book Victoria to speak at your networking organization or private group. She delivers programs that are powerful, easy-to-learn, and designed to cause immediate change.

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If you aren’t getting all the referrals you want, you might not be referable enough. This presentation describes the mistakes businesses make that keep them from getting more referrals and how to start them flowing!

Even if you’re already getting referrals from your networking group, chances are you could be getting more. And you’re leaving money on the table as a result. To be successful in referral marketing you have to engage in the right way and go beyond word-of-mouth marketing. In this presentation, attendees will learn:

  • How to build a solid referral foundation.
  • Three easy ways to become more referable.
  • How to connect your network to maximize referrals.

Stop wasting time networking if you are not getting the referrals want. I will share new ideas you can implement immediately and increase the return on your networking investment.

Real networking and referral marketing aren’t taught in school. Yet they are some of the most effective ways to grow your business. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to network and generate the referrals that you want.

To network effectively you have to:

  • Be in the right group.
  • Say the right things.
  • Take the right actions.

This presentation teaches you how to:

  • Find your ideal clients.
  • Build Word-of-mouth that turns your networking into referrals.
  • Turn your relationships into revenue.

You will walk away with practical how tos that will quickly grow your referral revenue.

Referrals don’t happen by accident……they are created.

To build a thriving referral business you have to do the right things with the right people in the right way. It’s especially true for service professionals. Studies show the majority of people meet trusted advisors through people they already know. Simply put, quality referrals are the best way for a high-level service professional to attract ideal clients who are willing to pay for expertise.

If you’re ready to take your referrals beyond the basics, you must build a rock star referral team. Winning teams not only have the best players, but also know how to work together. Each player knows their part and is committed to winning. High performance referral teams ruthlessly practice the fundamentals and know the playbook inside and out.

This presentation will show you how to:

  • Find your best referral team players.
  • Identify the fundamentals of the game.
  • Develop a playbook and a winning strategy for your business.

This presentation is ideal for:

  • People who are already in a referral relationship who want to get bigger results.
  • Established groups who are committed to giving referrals to the group.
  • Centers of Influence who are a natural fit for the same kind of client.

If you want to significantly grow your business via referrals and don’t have your rock star team, learn what you need to do to build it now. Yourinvestment will last for years to come.

After Victoria’s workshop, I recognized my passion and greater strengths are helping women owners of small businesses to achieve extraordinary growth by providing education, inspiration, and empowerment.  I now have a more effective story to tell, that attracts my ideal clients. I realized over $30,000 in sales in less than 90 days. I love having clarity on the value I offer to women in business.”

Cynthia Wrasman
Women Winning Wordlwide

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Meet Victoria Trafton

Referral Strategist + Speaker

Victoria is a recognized strategist and an expert in referral generation. She has provided training and coaching programs to build a strong referral-based business for more than a decade. Realizing that traditional referral strategies didn’t work well for high-level service professionals, she developed the Relationships, Referrals, Revenue (R3) programs. The R3 formula enables trusted advisors to consistently grow their referral revenues while working with their ideal clients.

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